We work directly with all our clients, not through dealers. The majority of our more than 4,500 projects are located more than 100 (and in many cases several thousand) miles from our showrooms and production facility.

Our unique approach to working remotely enables us to design, produce, and ship projects all over the world.

Henrybuilt homeowner clients, architects and designers are rarely in the same place, and we have countless stories about how we make that work.

2003: A client sends an email from Tokyo, to our Seattle office. Six weeks later his kitchen is being installed in Hawaii.

2006: An architect stops by our Seattle office, to tell us about a project for their client in Chicago. That winter, our kitchen is snowmobiled across a frozen lake to its new home in the Ontario Northwoods.

2008: A client calls us from Mexico City after finding us online. His architects are based in Chile. The kitchen isn’t designed yet, and his builder is pouring concrete in a week. We design our systems into every room in the house. A decade later, Casa Roel remains one of our favorites.

Today, more than half of our projects are in parts of the world where we have no showroom. Most of those projects are ‘whole house.' Our design process, delivery system and installation support makes it possible for our clients to get a great result, regardless of project or people location.