New Work
Sneak Preview
Over the past year we have made more than 40 major additions to our product line, some focused on expressed wants or needs from you, some based on opportunities we see to add joy to every day and a sense of lasting quality in the home.

Here is a preview of a few that will launch in the next few months.
Opencase allows you to turn any wall into a functional surface. We are about to launch a program that does the same thing to the inside of units like pantries and armoires. The components will be interchangeable between units and wall panels.
We’re adding more bathroom products, also incorporating Opencase...
We’re also creating a new set of movable shelves with a minimal profile in 3 depths to provide more aesthetic and functional flexibility with Opencase.
Something lighthearted and delectable. And soft.
We’re borrowing some useful features from the iconic Henrybuilt Bar Block to eliminate the need for outlets in end panels even when there is no Bar Block – and an only-one-reach-required place for cutting boards.
We have a new utensil block to add to our family of internal components.