Pricing and Budgets
What Does Henrybuilt Cost?
We have three primary project categories – Kitchens, Wardrobes, and what we call 'Henrybuilt Whole House'. With Whole House projects we design and produce a combination of kitchen, bathroom vanities and storage, wardrobe, panel systems, office. Often almost every room in the home.

Henrybuilt Kitchens are a combination of our design service and a full range of system components: storage units, integrated pulls, integrated lighting, interior accessories and often backsplashes and worksurfaces. An average package costs between $50,000 and $80,000. Some smaller projects are less, and some large kitchens cost as much as $100,000 to $150,000. We work with you to develop an approach and a firm number that will achieve your budget goals, before beginning design work on your project.

Henrybuilt Wardrobes range from $20,000 to $80,000. Like kitchens, sophisticated wardrobes require special expertise to design. Our design service is part of the package.

Henrybuilt Whole House projects typically range from $250,000 to $600,000 and also include our design service. These projects are always designed to budget. We start by understanding your project in enough detail to assure we can meet your budget, before entering contract based on a fixed price, and then starting design.

Thinking about Overall Budget
Here's another way to think about whether Henrybuilt makes sense for your home. Most of our clients spend between $100,000 and $200,000 on all of the 'products' they purchase for their kitchens. This includes appliances, fixtures, counters, cabinets, lighting. Everything but flooring and contracting services. Thinking about your budget this way helps you establish priorities. If you care about the design quality Henrybuilt can bring to your whole project, and the experience living with a Henrybuilt solution can provide, then it's worth talking with us about your budget at this level and we can probably work out a way to work with you.

There is a lot of flexibility to manage budget if you start working with us early. Early work with you and your architect produces a better result and can save money.

If you are in doubt about your projects budget, call us. We are happy to talk and provide our perspective.

How Our Pricing Compares to the Alternatives
Most of our clients have considered either a custom cabinetmaker or a high quality European system in the process of choosing Henrybuilt.

There are wide ranges of quality levels with both custom cabinetmakers (who only provide part of the solution) and European systems.

A comparison of Henrybuilt to a cabinetmaker will never be apples to apples.

The most direct comparison is with the highest quality European systems. There are 3-4 of these companies and they all offer some degree of design service. Our pricing is comparable to the best of these companies. The European system companies tend to put more emphasis on high-tech materials, and there are certain things they do which we do not do (eg an all-glass kitchen, or carbon fiber doors).

Our craft, material quality, and level of architectural integration is generally superior - and our design approach is different. We are not focused on "lines" or "models", more on integration with your architecture and your specific needs and taste.

Also, unlike the European systems, we only sell direct to our clients - no dealers - which means every dollar you spend goes directly into the quality of the product.

Henrybuilt vs a cabinetmaker or 'millworker'
The most confusing comparison is to a custom cabinetmaker. Our pricing is generally close to that of a good custom cabinetmaker. But we provide much more. The design service we offer our clients is part of what creates the exceptional results you see in our portfolio. It is challenging to take even the best components and weave them together into a high refined solution that also provides high function. Most architects do not have the specialized expertise or contract budget to do this work. We work as a specialist, in tandem with you and your architect. But you do not have to have an architect to work with Henrybuilt.

Our system includes many components that go beyond cabinets, and we provide a fixed price that is based on a complete package, so you won't have additional expenses for pulls, integrated lighting, change orders, etc, that can add up to thousands of dollars. Be wary of any direct comparison between a custom cabinetmaker and Henrybuilt. There are many things we do, in addition to design, that even the very best cabinetmaker cannot do, from our finishes, to our pulls, to many aspects of system integration. And we offer only ONE very high quality level. You will receive that level. Not just something that 'looks like it'.